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Yun Lay

My story is:

My body has polio, so I can raise one hand but not the other. I can walk, but I walk with a limp. Even though I have polio, I can do a lot of simple work, and I can study hard.

When I was young, I wanted to become educated. When I grew up, I wanted to become a teacher, but that dream all changed. I only studied to grade 6, because the school was too far from my house.

I feel humble, but now that I have come to CHA, I feel happier than before.

I came to CHA because this place had a job for me to do so I could earn some money.

I have my parents who are the hope in my life.

I hope to stay at CHA for 10 years.

No one forced me to come here. I wanted to come myself.

My favorite thing about CHA is that I get to live here.