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Tourk Un

My story is

My body is strong but my way of life is very poor. I tried to earn a living after my husband died.

When I was young, I never thought about my future. I depend on my parents. Now that I was grown up, I want to have a business that can fulfill my life. My knowledge was low and I lived in a poor family, recycling trash. Now that I live at CHA, my life is better and I am not as tired or poor as I was.

I have happiness now, not like before in the village, picking up the trash.

In my village, there was no work for me to do after my husband died, so I had to find a job and learn to study.

I don’t feel lonely. I live with my friends and I can forget my sickness.

I’m not sure how long I’ll stay at CHA. I will live here until I have confidence in myself and then I will leave CHA.

My heart is with my child, but I came to CHA to improve my life

My favorite is that I enjoy my work. I can go for walks and I understand about life in Cambodia.

I am happy that I live at CHA, because now I can stand to live in Cambodian society.