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Heng Thaily

Assistant Director Designer and Accountant

Thai Ly was born in PreyVengProvince into a poor family.  She had 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

In 1987, she decided to come to Phnom PenhCity to work at the Ministry of Social Action, she worked in the administrative affairs section within the Handicap Department. Later she worked in the Rehabilitation Department.

In 1991, she was elected to work for International NGO Program; this is where she first met Kim Tha. Her responsibilities included managing the showroom and workshop, quality assurance, customer relations, product packaging for shipment, sourcing of materials and promoting handicrafts made by the disabled. She also had the opportunity to travel with the International NGO company. Thai Ly competed a one-month internship at Global Exchange in San Francisco in July 1995, and then attended a week long conference on fair trade in Berkeley.

In 2000 Thai Ly came to work for CHA. Her role was still in management, she had the same responsibilities, but also took on the task of head designer.  Part of this new job title entailed creating samples for foreign customers who wanted to place orders for export, as well creating new designs for the shop.