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Leung Tola

Assistant Teacher

My story is:

I am a double polio survivor. When I came to Phnom Penh, I studied at Lavella School for 3 years. That is the first place I stayed. Then I learned sewing at an NGO for 6 months. Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand and the sewing was too advanced. So, I went back home and felt sad and hopeless.

I would come to Phnom Penh again to meet my old friend. I told her about my problem and she told me about CHA. I had hope again. I found CHA by myself because my friend was busy. When I was on the bus, the bus driver asked me where to stop. I said, “I stop at CHA.” “Where is CHA?” he said. I said I didn’t know. I only knew it was near Tuol Sleng Museum. The driver asked a moto driver and he knew where it was. I stopped in front of CHA. I was very happy. Now I work at CHA and I became a teacher.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a singer. In my future, I want to be a houseworker and a teacher. I am already 50% successful.

My feeling is incredible. I am very happy in CHA.

I came to CHA because I wanted to learn skills.