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Yang Vou

Book keeper

I was born on 18 April 1984, at Angkonh Village, Kao Commune, Somrong District, Takeo Province.

I am a polio victim since I was born. I came to CHA on 25 February 2008 to learn new skills  – bookkeeping and administrative affairs at CHa in Phnom Penh. I ahve also learnt English at CHA and have spent my time here teaching English to CHA members.

In 2010 I got married to a polio victim in Takeo and have two sons.

Now i work as bookkeeper in the village where I live and spendmy two days, Saturday and Sunday, working at CHA.

I am very delighted to work at CHA because I would like to help the persons with disabilities. Being a disabled person myself I have tried all my best to find the best reasons to help the persons with disabilities like me and live in peace and happiness so that we can live with confidence and deal with our daily standard of living in the family, village and community.