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Chanton Pheap

My name is Chanton. I am a twin and my sister is Chanthy. We were born in 1998. We come from Kamong Leu, Kba Trach commune, Krakor District, Parsat Province.

Our family is very poor and lives on daily service to somebody that employs themto do something at his/her house. Our father’s name is Sang Sopheap and mother’s name is Koav Hang.

We attended the third grade at school but couldn’t continue our study because of poverty.  We decided to come to CHA to learn skills and find our future life and skills to raise our family. When we were at home we did nothing except being employed to find shellsin the water, so we didn’t have time to learn literacy and skills.

My sister and I are very glad to come to CHA to learn everything that we can and we do hope we can the exact skills to solve our lives in the future and bring back our skills to help our family to get out of poverty.