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Chamreun Heng

Showroom Assistant

My name is Heng Cham Ruen, born on 21 June 1993. In Phnom Penh I attended to come to CHA since 2007 and was recruited as a showroom assistant.  When I came to CHA at first, I knew nothing, but I tried to learn hard and tried all my best to learn English better until I know how to use it pretty well.

My father named Heng Kim Long was taxi driver and he has no time to take care of me and my brothers and sisters so I have to struggle my life to learn skills and language.

My mother name is named Som Chan Thorn, is at home to take care my brothers and sisters because my mother and father live separately.

Because of poverty, my father decide to go farming in Kampot province and my mother lives in a suburb of Phnom Penh.

I live and learn skills and English language at CHA as well as having meals at CHA at present.