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Vy Savorn

My name is Vy Savorn born in 1994 in Kampong Leu village, Kba Tranch Commune

Krakor District Pursat Province. My background of education is 11th grade at school and I couldn’t afford to continue my study because of poverty. I tries to work at Yuyan factory in 2012, but I couldn’t go on because I have no skills in hands. So early 2013 I decided to work on the Thai-Cambodia border and inside Thailand without any proof such as passport or visa. It was dangerous to past the border to work in Thailand without legal permission, then I decided to come to CHA to learn skills and foreign language so that I can improve my standard of living in the future. While I’m learning everything at CHA, I have been advised to know the way to live in society, how to get exact skills to solve my future life and how to make friends in the community.

My father’s name is Im Savy and my mother’s name is Hun Eng. My father is a member of Kampong Leu Committee to find the better life to the villagers who live in the village. He can’t find enough money to raise my family and my mother has a high blood pressure. I have no money to buy medicine for her, so I have tried to find out the best way to support my family when I get exact skills that I have learned at CHA to support my family in the near future.