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Srey Pich

My name is Lang Srey Pich, born 4 December 1992, in Chamca Mon, Phnom Penh. I attended the 12th grade at High school and failed because of poverty. I could not have enough income to deal with my family’s standard of living, so I couldn’t continue my study and I decided to be an office seller at one company in Phnom Penh. In the evening I helped my mum sell fruit at the market to get the income to solve my daily life.

My family live from hand to mouth and I couldn’t afford to work at the company as a coffee seller because I had no time to go on studying. When I saw CHA program I decided to ask permission from the Director to learn skills at CHA. In order that I can get exact skills to use in my life and I can get enough income to deal with my daily standard of living in the near future. I am very glad that CHA director accepted me to learn skills that I hadn’t had any hope to get it in the past. So, now I try to learn hard in both skills and language.

My father’s name is Prum Borany, and my mother’s name is Oeu Yorn. My father is a motor-taxi driver and my mother is a fruit seller at the market. The problem that my family cannot afford to get enough income is because I have 7 members in the family.