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Seng Yim

Mrs. Seng Yim, 30, who has polio in right arm and leg as well as a left eye blinded. She’ve got this problem since she was born in Sway Rieng Province. Her parents died of AIDS when she was over ten years old, and she lived with her grandmother. She learnt nothing at home and worked on growing vegetables near her house. While working on the farm and vegetable garden alone in her village, she was raped by two men who lived in the same village, and one of the two was arrested. Because of being raped by two men, she has a daughter who is 6 years old. After having had a daughter aged over two years, she was raped by another man in her village while working on a farm/vegetable garden, and the perpetrator has been on the run. So, she was very scared to live in the village, where she decided to live with her uncle and her uncle hit her a lot because she could not do everything as normal person, and then she had to leave with her daughter for Phnom Penh to find out the Skill Training Program to learn skills, then she found out CHA program to learn skills and stay at CHA, but CHA cannot let small children to stay with CHA members as the rules mentioned at CHA, so she took her daughter to live and learn literacy at the orphanage near suburb of Phnom Penh. She is very happy to live and learn skill at CHA program for the time being.