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Sarah Humphries

Address: 14 Selby Road, Ealing, London, W5 1LX, England

Duration: 25th April – 25th July, 2011

Task/Function: Making  recycled  items; making and setting up home page of CHA  in Facebook; contacting the guide book companies to advertising CHA activities to find out more customers; creating more designs of the products;  teaching how to set up and use Skype; Updating some of documents of CHA; helping CHA director discuss the new ideas; discussing the new items with CHA designer; joining with CHA members to find out  new students in country sides; visiting trainee’s family;

Result: Getting more people in foreign countries attracting the items and people at CHA; more designs and knowledge of designs; establishing a new website in Face- book Home Page; having Skype to contact foreign customers abroad; CHA director and designer get knowledge of the products and  relation with other customers;