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Meung Sambath

I am a polio victim. I cannot walk. I struggle to use my arms and legs.

When I was young, I wanted to be a teacher. When I grew up, I wanted to be a seamstress and do fancy hand sewing. My dream changed. I struggled with my good job.

I feel very happy within myself at CHA. I feel different than I did before, because before, I didn’t know anything and now I can do some jobs.

I came to CHA because CHA gave me a job and taught me English.

I have a job. That is my hope for my life after CHA and I know English.

I will stay at CHA for 3-5 years.

My family, my siblings and my friends encouraged me to come to CHA.

My favorite part of CHA is being a seamstress, doing fancy hand sewing, studying English, and living at CHA.

My hope is my job with a salary, so I can help my family. My dream is that I want to see my family have happiness, to be happy all the time.