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Kim Tha

CHA Director

Kim Tha was born in Phnom Penh into a poor family.  During the Khmer Rouge regime, they moved to a remote village in PursatProvince with his 3 sisters, and 5 brothers. He was only 16 when his mother, 2 sisters and 4 brothers were killed by the Khmer Rouge.

On his return to Phnom Penh, Kim Tha moved from job to job until in 1991 he came into contact with International NGO where he started out as a translator and social worker and later became a co-ordinator. This gave him the ability to study leadership, designing, sewing and weaving.

This job also brought the opportunity to travel. He traveled to Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand, while in India he learned weaving designs and in New Zealand he learnt about western fashion.

On his return to Cambodia, he studied traditional design, working to establish a business to support the disabled, by teaching them a trade. In 2000, Kim Tha became the Director of the CHA Skill Training Program for Landmine and Polio victims. He is now responsible for production, sales, customer relations, financial management of the workshops and program management.